Signaling Left Turn

Before making a left turn, use this signal to alert drivers of your intentions.


Signaling Right Turn

Before making a right turn, signal that you're going right!

Signaling Stopping

Especially helpful when riding near other cyclists, this signal tells people that you're slowing or stopping.

Want an easy way to get riders and drivers to give you space? Simple. Be upfront with them!

No, we don’t mean that you should tell them your innermost secrets. But you should alert riders to your intended movements, like when you’re switching lanes, slowing down, or passing. Signaling your movements is also a good idea when you’re cycling in street traffic. Signals tell drivers what you’re doing, which helps avoid confusion and misunderstanding (and, better yet, crashes).

By announcing your actions in advance, you’ll prepare other road users to react appropriately, perhaps by adjusting their own position or speed or by letting you know that your move is OK by them.

Hand signals are pretty straightforward. When switching to the left, use your left hand to point down into the adjacent lane. If moving right, use your right hand to point down toward the ground on the right. When slowing down, lift your arm and hold your left hand out, palm facing the cyclist behind you. Supplement your signals with verbal warnings, like “moving left.” If you need to answer your cell phone, for example, signal and call out that you are moving to the right side of the road, then signal your slowdown and say “stopping.”

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