Packet Pickup Policies & Procedures

You must pick up your rider packet at Bike Expo New York (located at Basketball City, 299 South Street, on Pier 36 in Manhattan) on May 1st (from 10AM – 8PM) or 2nd (from 9AM – 6PM).

  1. Bring your e-mail containing your rider number and bar code (this will be emailed to you in early April) along with valid photo identification
  2. Find the Tour Packet Pickup area at Bike Expo New York.
  3. We will not mail rider packets. Participants may send someone else to pick up their rider information, provided they follow the guidelines listed below.
  4. Residents of the United States and Puerto Rico must show state or federal government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, DMV photo ID, or passport.
  5. Non-US residents, including Canadian residents, are required to show a valid passport (except residents of Puerto Rico, see above).
  6. In order to pick up the child’s rider packet without the child present, the registered guardian must bring his/her valid photo identification and the e-mails containing registration numbers and unique bar codes. You do not need to provide identification for the registered youth. Note that adults may only pickup the rider packet for the single youth registered under their name. There is a one adult to one child ratio for the tour.
  7. You will receive a Rider Identification Kit (which includes a bike plate, bib and helmet cover) along with instructions for Tour Day. The color of your number indicates start group time. You must have your Rider Identification Kit when arriving to the start area for the tour.
  8. The Solutions Desk in the packet pick up area will be able to answer other questions you may have.

Proxy Packet Pickup

Anyone picking up a rider packet for somebody else must come with the proxy packet pickup form as well as a copy of the participant’s rider number e-mail with bar code and valid photo identification. See below for policies regarding packet pickup. The proxy pickup form is available here! You can also request a form now by emailing

  • Individuals (including non-riders) can pick up a maximum of five proxy packets.
  • Individuals must bring the signed proxy form, a valid photo ID, and the rider number email containing bar code for each participant.
  • Group members can pickup packets for all registered group members.
  • Group members must bring the signed proxy form, a valid photo ID, and the rider number email with bar code for each group member.