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Bicycling Basics is a free, 3-hour class for adults and mature teens who recently learned how to ride a bike or who want to improve their core cycling skills. From riding in a straight line to shifting gears for efficient pedaling, Bicycling Basics prepares riders for controlled, confident cycling.

*This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the DOE or the City of New York.

Course Content

Bicycling Basics teaches the essential skills that are the foundation for smooth, confident cycling:

  • Adjusting your helmet for a comfortable, effective fit
  • Choosing the right size bike and adjusting seat height for a comfortable ride and a strong pedal stroke
  • Performing a simple bike inspection
  • Smooth, powerful starting
  • Controlled stopping
  • Riding in a straight line
  • Using shifters and gears efficiently
  • Using hand signals and scanning without swerving
  • Maneuvering around common road hazards

Course Format

Class duration: 3 hours
Class location: Controlled, outdoor environment
Class size: Up to 30 adult and mature teen students
Instructors: Certified League Cycling Instructors and trained volunteers
Instructor to student ratio: 1 to 6, on average
Equipment necessary: Bicycle* and helmet
Availability of loaner bikes: 15-20 adult bicycles and helmets available while supplies last to those who reserve a bike in advance during online registration
Registration policy: Advance registration is required; walk-in students are not allowed

*Students who choose to bring their own bicycle must be sure that the bicycle fits and is in good working order (i.e., wheels spin freely, brakes function).

Is This the Right Class for You?

Did you just graduate from our Learn to Ride–Adults class? Are you coming back to cycling after a long absence and feeling a little shaky? Ever wonder what those funny levers on your handlebars do? Don’t feel like you’re ready to mix with traffic yet? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Bicycling Basics is the class for you.

Bicycling Basics is open to adults and mature teens who are able to mount, balance, pedal, start, and stop a bicycle.

Have you already mastered the basics? Consider attending Savvy Cyclist: Traffic Skills 101.

Registration/Bike Reservation Details

At Bicycling Basics classes, free bicycles and helmets are provided to those who register in advance online while supplies last. Check class space availability and register now >  If the class you would like to attend is already full, you may sign up to join a wait list through the calendar above.  Adding your name to a class wait list does not guarantee a space in the class.  However, you will be contacted if a spot becomes available.

Cancellation and Rain Policies

Upon registration, students will be required to enter a credit card number.  If a student registers and attends her class, her credit card will NOT be charged.

However, any of the following actions will result in a $50 fee:

1. If a student cancels his registration during the business week (Monday through Friday) immediately leading up to his class date.

2. If a student switches class dates or times during the business week immediately leading up to her class date.

3. If a student does not show up to his class at all.

Students who cancel more than one week in advance will not be charged any fee.

Bicycling Basics classes are canceled in the event of rain; please check the Education department’s Weather Hotline at 212 870 2080 ext. 2 if in doubt. Those registered for a class that is canceled due to rain will be invited to register for a later class date within the established season schedule.

Next Steps

Once you attend a Bicycling Basics class and can start, ride in a straight line, and stop with control, you may be ready to attend Bike New York’s free Traffic Skills 101 class, where students learn how to ride comfortably and confidently in urban street traffic. Loaner bicycles are not available at Traffic Skills 101 classes.

Are you thinking of buying a bike of your own but are not sure where to begin? Attend Bike New York’s free, one-hour How to Buy a Bicycle class for a full explanation.

If you are interested in private instruction, visit the League of American Bicyclists website to find a certified cycling instructor in your area.

Also consider paying it forward! Many of the volunteers who help you at a class started out on the student side of the handlebars. Find out how you can help others become more competent cyclists here.

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