How to Buy a Bike

Which one is right for you? If you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist looking to trade up, How to Buy a Bicycle offers tips on finding a bike that fits your needs and budget—and puts a smile on your face!


Shopping for a bike can be confusing, especially if you’re not sure what to buy, where to buy it, or how much it should cost. Bike New York can help!

How to Buy a Bicycle is a free one-hour session that’s chock-full of information to help you navigate the bike buying process. From steel frames to knobby tires to disc brakes, How to Buy a Bicycle explains what’s what at a bike shop and helps to simplify what might seem like an overwhelming decision. Before you make an investment, attend How to Buy a Bicycle to be sure you’re spending your money wisely.

Course Content

How to Buy a Bicycle is an eye-opening explanation of all things bike—from frame types to components—designed to help you figure out which bike is right for you. Taught by former bike shop employees, enthusiastic instructors, and empathetic bike-lovers, the informal class will leave you excited and ready to enter the world of bike ownership, whether you plan to spend $200 or $2,000.

  • Where to shop for and buy a bicycle
  • What to look for in a high quality, affordable, appropriate bicycle
  • How much you should expect to spend
  • Bike types and uses
  • Bike frame materials and pricing
  • Bike components and pricing
  • Bike storage options
  • Bike shopping list and tips

Course Format

Class duration: 1 hour
Class location: Indoor class space
Class size: Unlimited, as location allows
Instructors: One instructor
Instructor to student ratio: 1 to many, depending on location
Equipment necessary: None
Availability of loaner bikes: Not necessary
Registration policy: No advance registration is required; walk-in students are welcomed. All class dates and locations are subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Is This the Right Class for You?

Have you outgrown the bike you’ve been riding since your teens? Did you just learn how to ride a bike and you aren’t sure where to begin the bike-buying process? Do bike shops overwhelm you? Does it feel like bike shop employees speak a different language? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, How to Buy a Bicycle is the class for you!How to Buy a Bicycle is free and open to anyone. No advance registration or purchase is required and there will be no pressure to buy anything whatsoever.If you’re tired of your old bike and ready to buy something more in line with your current needs, consider donating your used bike to Recycle-A-Bicycle, a non-profit youth job skills training and environmental education program in New York City.

Next Steps

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Once you purchase a bike, be sure you take good care of it! Attend Bike Maintenance 101 class, a fund-raiser for non-profit Recycle-A-Bicycle.

Want to share your bike love with newbies? Become a Bike New York volunteer and help create the next generation of New York City cyclists.

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