Street Skills Class 1

Arrive to class a bit early to shop for accessories. Lights and a bell are required by law!

Street Skills Class 2

Follow-up a Street Skills class with a Street Skills ride and you'll feel cool as a cucumber riding NYC streets.

Street Skills Class 3

Give your muscles a break! A 90-minute Street Skills class will provide the knowledge you need for comfortable, confident city cycling.

Sun, 12/71:00 pm - 2:30 pmRoosevelt Island: Lounge inside the Sportspark < map >Register >

If knowledge is power, then knowing where to position yourself on the road and knowing your rights and responsibilities as a New York City cyclist can make you feel much more in control on your bike. A Street Skills class can help get you there!

Each Street Skills class offers important street riding information in a quick, off-bike, after-work session. The interactive class will provide concrete examples of city cycling scenarios and how best to handle them so that you enjoy pleasant, stress-free rides.

Follow it up with one of Bike New York’s Street Skills rides, and you’ll be feeling more comfortable and confident riding New York City streets in almost no time. (If you’d prefer to spend an entire day to attend the thorough Savvy Cyclist: Traffic Skills 101 class, click here.)

Street Skills is a free, 90-minute evening program for adults and mature teens who want to understand where they fit on New York City’s bustling streets, whether in a bike lane, traffic lane, or bike box. Join fellow bicyclists (and would-be bicyclists) to learn from certified cycling instructors in an informal, classroom-style presentation and discussion in a lively space.

Course Content

Street Skills classes teach the need-to-knows of urban street cycling. Participants leave with a complete understanding of their rights and responsibilities on the road as well as bike-related goodies from Bike New York.  The class covers:

  • Understanding bicyclists’ rights and responsibilities on the road
  • How to avoid basic road hazards
  • Understanding traffic principles
  • Where to ride on the road, including lane and intersection positioning and changing lanes
  • How to use New York City bike facilities including various types of bike lanes, bike boxes, and more

Street Skills classes consist of entirely classroom-based learning. Participants will receive literature and accessories to ensure continued safe and enjoyable riding.

After attending a Street Skills class, we highly recommend joining Bike New York for a Street Skills ride, where you will put your knowledge to good use!

If you are interested in becoming  a League Cycling Instructor, we recommend you attend a full-day Savvy Cyclist: Traffic Skills 101 class.

Course Format

Class duration: 1.5 hours
Class location: Indoor classroom; see schedule for specifics
Class size: Varies based on space available
Instructors: One certified League Cycling Instructor
Instructor to student ratio: 1 to many, varying depending on class space
Equipment necessary: None
Availability of loaner bikes: Not necessary
Registration policy: Advance registration is requested of all participants; walk-in students are welcome

Is This the Right Class for You?

Street Skills classes are ideal for all riders, including those relatively new to city cycling, those returning to cycling from a long hiatus, those who want to be more in tune with bike progress in New York City, and those who want to be more confident cycling on busy streets. In other words, if you are interested in taking to the streets but want to do so with a more complete understanding of where you belong on the road, Street Skills is for you. The lessons covered in the classroom will become most clear out on the road, though. Join Bike New York for a Street Skills ride after attending this indoor class and you will get the most out of the series.

Street Skills classes are open to adults and mature teens who are at least 14 years old. Participants between 14 and 18 years old must attend with a legal guardian.

Are you comfortable balancing and pedaling but definitely not ready for open streets? Need help starting, stopping, and riding with control? Consider attending Bike New York’s free, 2-hour Bicycling Basics class, which teaches these essential cycling skills.

Are you interested in earning certification as a League Cycling Instructor? If so, we recommend attending a full-day Savvy Cyclist: Traffic Skills 101 class.

If you are interested in private instruction, visit the League of American Bicyclists website to find a certified cycling instructor in your area.

Registration Details

Online registration is requested, but not required for this course. By registering in advance, you add your name to a roster that helps Bike New York know how many people to expect and allows us to send you important class information, should any details change at the last minute.  Register now >

Rain Policy

Because classes are held indoors, Street Skills sessions are held rain or shine.

Next Steps

Once you attend a Street Skills class, put your knowledge into practice on a Street Skills ride, the on-bike session that complements your classroom learning. Experienced cycling instructors will guide you through a short on-street and greenway ride to ensure you feel comfortable bicycling most places in New York City.

Then, consider joining Bike New York at the Discover Hudson Valley Ride or the Twin Lights Ride, which give you the choice of riding 18 to 100 miles on beautiful routes outside New York City.

Also consider paying it forward! Much of Bike New York’s free educational programming is run by trained, dedicated volunteers. Find out how you can help others become more competent cyclists here.

If you are a skilled, knowledgeable cyclist and you enjoyed the Street Skills class, consider becoming a League Cycling Instructor (LCI). We recommend that anyone interested in pursuing LCI certification attend a full-day Savvy Cyclist: Traffic Skills 101 class.

Schedule a Class for Your Group

Bike New York’s certified League Cycling Instructors also lead Street Skills classes for groups of engineers, urban planners, transportation management associations, public health officials, and others. Individuals are welcome to coordinate a free Street Skills course for their co-workers or community group (minimum 12 participants) in the New York metro area. Simply email Zoe Cheswick to set a date and location. Class Host Guidelines >>

Traffic Smarts Quiz

Before your next ride, test yourself with these 12 questions to find out how well you know your rights and responsibilities as a street cyclist.

Share the Road Quiz

Whether you use the streets as a driver, a cyclist, or both, see how much you know about sharing the road safely.


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