Traffic Skills Quiz

Before your next ride, test yourself with these 12 questions to find out how well you know your rights and responsibilities as a street cyclist.

1. Bicyclists are allowed to ignore red lights and stop signs because traffic signals are for cars.
2. When a street is packed with cars, itís a good idea to ride on the sidewalk instead.
3. Cyclists should leave their ears clear when riding so that they hear sirens, reviving engines, and "passing on your left."
4. If a cyclist wants to switch lanes into a lane occupied by a motorist, the motorist must yield and let the cyclist in, since the bicyclist is more vulnerable.
5. Cyclists should always yield to pedestrians, even if walkers are crossing against the light while text messaging.
6. When a bike lane is provided on a street in New York City, cyclists riding on that street must ride in the bike lane.
7. Itís important to leave plenty of room for passing vehicles, so cyclists should ride as close to parked cars as they possibly can.
8. Greenways and other bike paths function just like city streets: Ride on the right, pass on the left, and signal your movements.
9. If you prefer to see whatís heading straight toward you, itís OK to ride your bike against traffic.
10. When a traffic lane is too narrow for a bike and a car to occupy it at the same time, cyclists should dismount and walk their bike on the sidewalk.
11. Cyclists can be fined for not having a bell on their bike, likewise a front white light, rear red light, and working brakes.
12. Bike New York offers free cycling skills classes that teach new or returning cyclists the ins and outs of street riding.

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