Bike Driver’s Ed School Assembly Program

Do you want to help students at your school enjoy cycling safely and learn the ropes of cycling etiquette, but don’t have the time, space or experience to do a full bike riding program yet?   Our Bike Driver’s Ed School Assembly Program is the perfect way to reach a lot of kids with a positive message about cycling.    Bike New York will send a trained instructor with a fun, engaging interactive presentation suitable for children ages 9 – 14.

*This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the DOE or the City of New York.

Course Content:

This program is designed to fit into a single period class schedule of 40 – 60 minutes.   It consists of a short, kid-friendly video, and an interactive quiz game (with prizes!).   Content is designed to teach kids that cycling is a fun, healthy activity, but that it does have rules that kids should know and follow.  Basic bike safety content includes using a helmet, being alert, using hand signals, and following the rules of the road.    It is designed to clarify mis-understandings and fill in information gaps young cyclists may have about how to be safe, have fun, and avoid mishaps while cycling.

Topics include:

-       Your bike is a vehicle, not a toy

-       Like all sports you need to know the rules (of the road)

-       How to use a bike helmet

-       Being alert and aware of your surroundings = having fun


Course Format:

Class Duration 40 – 60 Minutes
Class Location Any New York City School or youth organization
Class Size Student Assembly
Instructor 1
Equipment Necessary Projector, Computer, Speakers
Registration Requirements Schools must contact Bike New York to schedule an assembly date.

Is this class right for you?

Bike Driver’s Ed Assembly is ideal for elementary and middle schools, and any organizations that serve youth ages 9-14.   The content is not age appropriate for kids below 3rd grade or above 8th grade.   The program is only for student assembly audiences, not for small groups or individuals.   Other audiences could include after school programs and summer camps.

 Course Schedule and Registration Details:

Bike New York will schedule  a Bike Driver’s Ed assembly at the request of schools and other organizations;   please email Zoe Cheswick, Manager of Youth Programs, at to schedule an Bike Driver’s Ed session for your school (and please include your phone number).

Course fees:

The Bike Driver’s Ed School Assembly Program is FREE for schools and organizations located within New York City.    For schools outside the five boroughs, fees may be charged to cover instructor’s travel costs and instructional time.

Next Steps:

Encourage kids who don’t know how to ride to attend a simple family-friendly Learn to Ride;  kids who know how to ride should attend a Bike Bonanza to learn important bike handling and traffic safety skills.

To schedule an assembly, email Zoe Cheswick.






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