In order to minimize congestion along the Tour, riders will begin the Tour in three separate waves. Start times are organized according to the color of your bib and bike plate.  See below for details.

Start #1 (BLUE) – 7:45AM
Recommended arrival time: 6:00AM – 7:30AM
Enter at Park Place

Note: The route will begin to close to vehicular traffic at 7:30AM; be sure to take this into account when planning your arrival. We highly recommend that you do not drive to the start area if you are scheduled to depart in the second or third waves.

Start #2 (RED)– 8:30AM
Recommended arrival time: 7:30AM – 8:15AM
Enter at Rector Street

Start #3 (SILVER) – 9:15AM
Recommended arrival time: 8:15AM – 9:00AM
Enter at Battery Place and Greenwich Street
Prior to 8:15AM, Start #3 riders will wait at Battery Park

*In the event that members of a group are assigned different start times, please leave together in a later start time.

*Once the ride starts, the front of the Tour travels at an average of 18 mph, the tail at 6 mph. Cyclists who fall behind will either be SAG’d to the Finish Festival or re-routed to a shortcut to rejoin the pack (see below). Cyclists also have the option of exiting the Tour as the route permits (see below).

*The Finish Festival at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, will be open from 10AM to 4PM.


The following types of bags are prohibited at this year’s Tour:

The following types of bags/containers are allowed:


The 40-mile, traffic-free Tour begins in Lower Manhattan, heads north through the heart of Central Park and continues on to Harlem and the Bronx before returning south along the East River on the FDR Drive.

From there, cyclists cross into Queens and then Brooklyn, where riders take over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway before the breathtaking climb up and thrilling ride down the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge into Staten Island and the outdoor Finish Festival at Fort Wadsworth.

As if the excitement of a traffic-free ride through New York City wasn’t enough, a lively Finish Festival awaits riders when they arrive at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island. Giveaways, a food concession, product samples, musical entertainment, massages, a photo booth, and official merchandise on sale will keep the celebration going. And then, of course, there’s always the after-after-party. But that’s up to you to arrange.

Along the way, be sure to follow the directions of Tour marshals.  They’ll keep you safe and on track.


Riders in the rear of the Tour may be directed to a shortened route that bypasses the Astoria Park rest area and leads directly to the Con Ed Learning Center rest area, a shortcut of 4 miles.

Due to the street closure schedule, all riders must be on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) by 2:10PM, otherwise, your Tour will end in Brooklyn at approximately mile 27.5. Please be mindful of your time spent in the rest areas.

Leaving the Tour

If you need to leave the Tour for any reason, we recommend doing so at the following locations and by the following modes of transportation. Note: If you leave the Tour, you will be riding on open roads and will have to watch for cars and road hazards.

Mile 14, York Avenue and 63rd Street, Manhattan: This is your last chance to exit the Tour in Manhattan. If you don’t want to go to Queens, travel straight on 63rd Street after the Tour exits FDR Drive. Do not take the left-hand turn onto the ramp of the Queensboro (59th Street) Bridge.

Mile 27, Brooklyn Bridge: Just before the Tour enters the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE), you can leave the Tour at Old Fulton Street and Cadmen Plaza West to the Brooklyn Bridge bike path into downtown Manhattan. Marshals on the Brooklyn side will direct you. (This exit is recommended for those traveling with children.)

Subway: The Tour route passes by many subway stations. Bikes are allowed on the subway, but some unstaffed subway stations have turnstiles that do not accommodate bikes. Information Centers at all rest areas can provide more details.  You can also check the MTA website for information and subway locations along the route.

Hitching a Ride with SAG: If you are running out of steam or fall too far behind the Tour, pull off to the side of the road and wait for the SAG (support and gear) buses and trucks. SAG will also be stopping at each rest area. They will take you and your bike to the Festival.


The TD Five Boro Bike Tour travels through the five boroughs of New York City on car-free roads, thanks to the cooperation of city agencies and officials. The Tour’s fantastic team of supporters and volunteers is ready to help cyclists along the route. All services, including those at rest areas and the Finish Festival, are available to riders wearing the full Rider Identification Kit (helmet cover, bib, & bike plate).

Rest Areas & Water Stations
Replenish your energy at four rest areas along the route. Complimentary snacks at each stop include Del Monte bananas, water, and KIND bars. Signs and marshals along the route will direct you to rest areas–or to bypass lanes.

Rest Area Locations

Mile 11 FDR Drive at 116th Street, Manhattan
Mile 18 Astoria Park, Queens *
Mile 20 Con Edison Learning Center, Queens
Mile 27.5 Brooklyn Bridge Park

* All cyclists near the head of the Tour will be held here for about 20 minutes while the NYPD ensures that the remainder of the route is devoid of traffic. Cyclists near the tail of the Tour will be directed to a mandatory shortcut that bypasses this stop and leads to the next one.

Recycling & Composting
All rest areas will have designated waste stations. We will also be collecting bibs for recycling at the Finish Festival. Please avail yourself of these and help Bike New York in our efforts to secure sustainability certification from the Council for Responsible Sport. Learn more about our green goals here.

Bike Repair
If your bike needs maintenance, stop at a repair tent. Labor is free, but there is a charge for parts. Be sure to bring a spare tube. Flat tires are the most common problem, and marshals are more likely to be able to help you if you have a tube.

Repair services can be found in these locations:

  1. Near the start area, in Bowling Green and Zuccotti Park, Manhattan
  2. 110th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, just north of Central Park, Manhattan
  3. All rest areas (see above)
  4. Finish Festival, Staten Island

Lost and Found
Check at Information Tents for items lost along the way.  After May 4th, call 212-870-2080 or email in case your lost items were brought to the Tour office.

Marshals and NYPD
Volunteers will be riding with you and/or stationed along the route providing directions to keep the Tour running safely and smoothly.  Here’s a breakdown of who to look for:

Rider Assist Marshals ride in orange vests alongside Tour participants.  They help participants with flat tires and minor bike repair, assist with the flow of the Tour, and provide information and encouragement.

Course Marshals are stationed along the route in yellow vests.  They give route directions and alert you to road conditions ahead.

New York Police Department officers are also on the route to manage car traffic.  Please follow all instructions given by Marshals and NYPD officers.

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics from the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Medical Bike Unit are available to attend to medical needs, as are ambulances from the New York Fire Department Emergency Medical Service. Ask any Tour Marshal or police officer to get you medical assistance if you need it. There are also EMTs at each rest area. 

Hundreds of toilets are available throughout the Tour, including wheelchair-accessible ones at all rest areas, water stations, and the Finish Festival.

Photographers from MarathonFoto will automatically take your photo as you ride. For identification purposes, ensure that your bib and bike plate are clearly visible. After the Tour, MarathonFoto will contact you via e-mail so you can view and purchase your photos.

Information Centers
Got a question? Stop by one of the Information Centers at rest areas and the Finish Festival. Information Centers are also great rendezvous points for folks riding in groups. Note: Do not stop in Central Park, on any of the bridges, or in the middle of the road to wait for friends. This is unsafe and impedes the flow of the Tour.

Staten Island Ferry to Battery Park, Manhattan
At the end of the Tour, ferries will return riders to Manhattan on a first-come, first-served basis.  Four ferries will run per hour, but lines will likely be long.  Please take the time to enjoy free snacks and entertainment while you wait. Toilets and water will be available while waiting for the ferry back to Manhattan.

SAG (Support and Gear)
Trucks and buses provide transportation to the Finish Festival for cyclists who, for whatever reason, are unable to complete the Tour. If you need assistance, simply pull off the road and wait for the SAG buses and trucks that follow the Tour.  Make sure your bike plate is attached to the handlebars so that we can reunite you with your bike at the Finish Festival. Your bib will serve as your bike-retrieval ticket. Note: Any child who boards a SAG vehicle must be accompanied by a guardian.

If you do not pick up your bicycle on Staten Island, you may claim it by contacting Bike New York.  After May 8, unclaimed bicycles will be donated to Recycle-A-Bicycle. Call 212-870-2080 for more information.

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