Learn to Ride Training

Trainees learn the “balancing first” method, which includes removing the pedals from bikes so they can help students focus solely on balancing before moving on to pedaling and steering.

The most basic training, Learn to Ride prepares Educators to offer an easy, safe, effective session for anybody learning to ride a bike. Trainees learn the “balancing first” method along with how to adjust helmets, remove pedals and training wheels, pump up tires, and adjust seats.

Click here to review Bike New York’s learn-to-ride instructions (PDF, 20 MB).

Training length: 2 hours
Target audience: First-third grade teachers, PE teachers, Parks and Recreation staff, scout leaders

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Kudos for LTR Training

"I am happy to report that Fanwood's 1st Annual Training Wheel Toss was a smashing success!! Fortunately for us, the weather held and it turned out to be a nice day. . . . We had close to 65 kids participate in the program and all but 6-8 learned to ride in one day! In fact, there wasn't a single scraped knee. . . . Everyone (parents, kids, volunteers, the mayor) was simply astonished at the turnout and results. We actually had one kid up and riding without training wheels in less than 20 minutes. Remarkable! There were so many success stories, which makes it all worth it. I'm so happy that I brought this program to Fanwood, but couldn't have done it without the support of Bike New York."--Fanwood Recreation Committee, NJ, March 2009

"The event was great! We had about 75 kids come out to "learn to ride." We set up exactly as you described it and managed with about 10 people between our department, the police, and the teachers. . . . I think it has really been a big hit with the community. Thank you for all your help in organizing us!"--Assistant recreation director from New Jersey, April 2009